/Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 3 – Weight Loss Pt. 8

Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 3 – Weight Loss Pt. 8

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Welcome back into the Ballistic Health Podcast. Eventually we reach the end of our discussion regarding weight loss as it pertains to those after the ketogenic protocol.

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Fascinating Truth

Mandy –

  • The early Egyptians held cats reverently. So far so they would mummify them at tombs. In 1888 a predator stumbled upon a tomb and there have been more than 80k kitty mummies entombed together with their saucers of milk.

Brian –

  • Generally a girls will complete 7k words per day and guys says 2k words typically.

Danny –

  • If you'd like to weigh , stand right under the moon
  • Twist Gravity – The ultimate biohack!

This afternoon Recipe: Seasoned Salt

Motivation Monday

A creative man is motivated by the desire to reach, not the desire to conquer others – Ayn Rand

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