/WIN with The Keto Diet Cookbook (my newest paperback!)

WIN with The Keto Diet Cookbook (my newest paperback!)

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The Keto Diet Cookbook, my latest paperback publication, is here! 140 keto recipes for every day. When you share you will be entered to win prizes each week!

Now's the day! Novel release day, that is. Since we wan na get rid of weight, control hunger, increase mental focus, increase energy … all the good things, we do exactly the diet.

And we want. That's where my latest paperback, The Keto Diet Cookbook, comes in! It's got 140+ yummy recipes for keto dishes that were whole, and that's only the start.

To celebrate the launch of the publication, we are giving away ALL the keto things (below).

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What Exactly Is The Keto Diet Cookbook Different from The Keto Diet?

The Keto Diet has in-depth info about how to follow a ketogenic diet and construct a program that works best for your entire body.

In The Keto Diet Cookbook, the attention is all on the food: how to structure your meal programs, the way to plan meals according to your objectives, what meals to select, which foods can get you nearer to your target, the way to look for those foods. Additionally, the whole book's feature: The Keto Diet Meal Planning System!

The Keto Diet Meal Planning System provides readers to follow based on their meal planning demands. In one of the templates, you're guided through ascertaining how much food to eat based on your goals, you are given a meal preparation combination to follow, and then each of the recipes in the publication can plug right into your mix.

This is!

In Addition, this book focuses on all of the areas which all we keto lovers need help with:

  • Balanced macros
  • Fast supper prep
  • Quicker meal planning
  • Quicker supermarket shopping

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Win with The Keto Diet Cookbook!Win with The Keto Diet Cookbook!

The way to WIN Keto Goodies

Every time you talk about a picture in the novel (you posing with all the publication, recipes from it, etc.) on social using #theketodiet, you're automatically entered to win…. drumroll, please….

The giveaway is available from April 9.

Your stocks could look a little something like that:

WIN with The Keto Diet Cookbook!WIN with The Keto Diet Cookbook!

When sharing and you will be instantly entered to win just utilize #theketodiet!

Two winners will be randomly drawn and contacted via the social networking station in which the winning draw originated. They have 24 hours prior to another winner is selected to answer the contact. The giveaway is open to US and Canadian residents.

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Virtual Book Readings

I'm hosting different digital novel readings from April through June where I will be reading out of my paperback novels, The Keto Diet Cookbook and Keto for Women + answering your keto questions.

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Review The Keto Diet Cookbook!Review The Keto Diet Cookbook!

Review the Novel

After you own a copy of the cookbook, PLEASE just take a few moments to review on Amazon here and review Barnes & Noble here. Your honest review can help others locate the book, and might potentially help me get the book on several bestseller lists. Yeah!

Back in The Keto Diet Cookbook, simple is the title of this game. Each recipe was crafted by me based on your comments: you wanted keto meals utilizing ingredients that were simple and available which you can create in a rush. You wanted to have the ability to make recipes from a couple of components to make keto meals. I made you this novel , and I could not have written this novel with no support. Thank you!