/Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 6 – Listener Questions #1

Ballistic Health Podcast Episode 6 – Listener Questions #1

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Welcome to another exciting episode of the Ballistic Health Podcast. Now our intrepid hosts carry on your questions. Everything from food , mobility, and why Brian hates cows so much.

Fascinating Facts

Danny –

  • The title of all of the continents begin and end with the identical letter.

Brian –

  • Antartica is the only continent without a owls.

  • At -90° F your breath goes out into the atmosphere, freeze, and drop to the floor.


  • Pink Toed Tarantula has a defense reaction built into their hair. Their path hair can be shot by them at you. After attempting to run away that is their defense response before they would sting you that ' s utilized.

This afternoon Recipe: Spicy Dill Tartar Sauce

Motivation Monday

Nobody can make you feel inferior without your permission.

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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