/Episode 185 – A Chat with Gary Taubes

Episode 185 – A Chat with Gary Taubes

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Now Brian is connected by none other than Gary Taubes. Gary is a very long time journalist and author who's composed about physics, science, and most lately the wellness books Good Calories, Bad Calories and The Case Against Sugar. His writings are the starting place for a lot of people in the low carb world. His book Great carbohydrates, Bad Calories especially has been the eye opening to all. It examines the way the hypothesis — that dietary fat is the cause of obesity and cardiovascular disease — became dogma, also claims to reveal how the scientific method was so a contestable theory could stay unchallenged. The publication uses studies and data compiled from over a century of dietary research to confirm what Taubes calls “the alternative hypothesis.

Now Gary answers a lot of questions involving a few of the inquiries from our Patreon group, Ketovangelist Unlimited. So make certain to listen carefully. You're guaranteed to enjoy the conversation and learn a few things along the way.

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